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If you are experiencing harassment at work and want to get the respect and appreciation you deserve instead, I would love to work with you!

10 Steps to Respect at Work

This simple guide will help you get you started feeling safe and respected at work. Click on the sparrow above to read the 10 Steps and get your own copy of the 10 Steps Pocket Checklist!

Power Mini Session

This power-packed session is a 20-minute phone call that will help you feel freedom and insight on one particular issue making you feel afraid, disrespected, or overwhelmed. Click on the sparrow above to schedule!


  • Life coaching is . . .

    Life coaching is a chance to look at the thoughts, assumptions, and belief systems that are keeping you trapped. It uses principles of meditation, behavioral therapy, and common sense to solve your problems. It helps you see your power and your choice in what you create in your life and gives you a chance to look at what you can control versus what you can’t control. I coach through one-on-one phone calls to help you understand how to be your own best advocate, how to deal with harassment, and how to feel better.

  • How is a life coach different than a counselor?

    Both life coaching and counseling can be very useful. While counseling is great at helping you understand what your story is and accept who you believe you have been in the past, life coaching uses tools that help you decide what you want your story to be going forward. I have heard psychology described as seeing a surgeon, and coaching described as physical therapy. I have heard psychology described as past focused, and coaching described as future focused. I think that even though every coach and counselor is different, both are good comparisons. Counseling can give you the space to accept the past, and coaching can give you tools to decide what you want your future to be.

  • How is a life coach different than a lawyer?

    The law is useful in setting clear boundaries and consequences for violations of those boundaries. The law protects a limited number of wrongs. Many things other people do may violate our own personal boundaries but not break the law. A lawyer’s job is to evaluate whether that lawyer thinks certain behavior broke the law and what the law can do to provide a consequence for that boundary violation. For example, when I handle employment cases as a lawyer, often there have to be many, many personal boundary violations before behavior breaks the law. Things don't have to get that bad. Coaching does not give you legal advice, but whether or not you decide to hire a lawyer, coaching can help you set and enforce your own personal boundaries in the workplace.

Meet your coach

Hello! I'm Meredith.
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Meredith Holley

Certified Life Coach, The Life Coach School
I am an attorney and life coach, licensed to practice law in Oregon state, federal, and appellate courts, where I help employees with discrimination lawsuits. As a coach, I help employees feel safe and respected at work, hopefully before they even have to worry about a legal claim.


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