Intentional living is living on purpose and in line with purpose.

It requires paying attention to what’s here and what’s not. And then deciding what to do about it.

There is a concept in the world of flight called the power curve.

When an airplane is behind the power curve, the drag requires the pilot to slow down in order to speed up. The pilot has to lower the nose in order to gain altitude.

Some of us feel like we are behind the power curve. Losing altitude quickly, short of the runway we want. And we do what comes naturally, we add power. But, behind the power curve, we can’t keep up with the drag and we burn out.

Some of us are not behind the power curve. We are working with the drag, but we are ready to change our direction.

Coaching helps us do both. Coaching is a way to lower the nose of the plane, to intentionally slow down, to take stock, to design, and to ultimately gain altitude.

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